#MomWarrior Event

for moms, by moms

may 12, 2017

Let's face it: We do the best we can. Is being a mom fulfilling? Yes. Is it hard? Hell, yes. Is it all worth it? Yes! But, motherhood ain't easy. 


This is a unique event of its kind in the Bay Area. If you have wiped away tears, wiped tuschies, kissed boo-boos - this event is for you. If you have found yourself stuck, wanting to foster your passion and feeling the pinch between motherhood and your goals - this event is for you. If you are a mother, a nurturer - you have to be at this event. 

Come and spend the day with other like-minded women and share in the joys and struggles of 'momhood,' where we can come together and get inspired - so YOU can foster your passions and become the best mom - best YOU - that you can be.

Because together, we are #momwarriors.


#MomWarrior Retreat: October 2017

"Know thyself."

These words were inscribed above the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. For the Greeks, self-knowledge was the source of all true wisdom. It is the foundation of feminine leadership.

In this retreat, we encourage the nurturers, the ones who are finding their purpose - their identity, the ones who want to honor their inner girl - to join us.

Space is limited to 10. If you are interested or know someone who might benefit from this type of retreat, please send us an email hello@bentogirl.org.