i finally woke up...

I saw the entitlement beginning to take form in my eldest daughter and looked around to see the same thing happening to other young women in our community. I was taken by the narrow lens of the way they viewed the world around them. 

Admittedly, being a girl in this day and age is hard. With the advent of social media along with the pressures of family and peers, it makes it even more complicated and that much harder to just be a girl

I knew, deep inside, there was important work that needed to be done. Something bigger. Something I have been working on all my life! My professional career gave me the skills to help organizations and people move through significant transformational changes. It provided me with great business acumen, strategic thinking and leadership skills. And now, as a mother to four wonderful young girls, I have been taught patience, selflessness, compassion, deep respect, humility, and most important, unconditional love. All this combined has given me the true understanding and value of what it means to be a woman in this day and age.

And with that - enter bentogirl. Taking the skills from my professional career in business strategy and transformational change leadership, as well as my own personal experiences, this organization is for all young women. It is in this era, more than ever, where the wisdom of women, young and old together, is very much needed. It is my belief that with holistically supporting all of her being, girls with dreams become women with vision. 


With gratitude,


Founder & CEO, bentogirl


Three of my four girls sharing a good laugh! LOL! 

Three of my four girls sharing a good laugh! LOL!